Some Assembly Required
How do you spell a dragon like REGNAR?

REGNAR.jpgSo this week we fought several kobolds underneath the city of Balic in an attempt to stop the evil Regnar from imposing his draconic will (not to mention his fire breath weapon)upon the countryside. In the end it was all to no avail as he was able to sufficiently scare the party away and wreak havoc on the small village of Og just north of Balic. The end of the day found the players wandering back to the Monastery of the Precipice to seek out the guidance of Lady Salarel.

The Dawn of Kingdoms
The wildlands of Athas

greenSlime.jpgToday we forged on with only 3 players, then 2, then there was 1! To reward his diligence(pun intended), PUCK leveled up with much glory! He also killed a green slime who couldn’t run as fast he could, for much glory! Then he boldly ran away (not so much glory). Questions remain, will the Dragonborn ever escape the throes of the evil Balic overlord? Will diligence ever get anywhere? These and many many more questions will be answered during the next great dnd experience!

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